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Consultation and communication made easy: The VoiceBridge is a new, hygienic, safe and flexible solution especially for acrylic glass walls and cabins in pharmacies, medical practices, stores and supermarkets as well as for visitor booths in nursing homes.


The VoiceBridge is equipped with technology to enable clear communication in any environment

In order to make communication as easy to understand as possible in any environment despite protective masks, safety distance and protective walls, we have equipped the VoiceBridge with the latest technology.


Automatic Calibration

Setting up the VoiceBridge

The first time the VoiceBridge is started up, it automatically adjusts to the current environment for about 30 seconds. Echoes and feedbacks should not longer appear.



Speach clarity despite protective measures

Suitable for larger talking distances. No need to approach or speak extra loudly.


Bluetooth  NEU

For maximum range of mobility

Employees move freely within a radius of 5-10 meters around the intercom station without losing contact with the customer.



Many benefits of a digital solution

Because the VoiceBridge has been digitally designed from the start, it is possible to further improve the sound quality with DSP settings and algorithms.


Noise Reduction

Not amplifying sound we don't want to hear

Reduces ambient noises.



Speaking and listening at the same time

When developing the VoiceBridge, it was important that it works in duplex mode. This means that you can speak and listen at the same time.



Contactless and automatic detection

Automatically detects when a customer is present. Hygienic handling, without pressing any buttons.


Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Algorithms to help with speach clarity

Avoids disturbing echoes.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

➝ First setup ...

➝ Mounting - How do I attach the VoiceBridge?

➝ Positioning - Where do I position the VoiceBridge?

➝ When do I need the Bluetooth version?

➝ Operation: How to reduce echoes?

➝ How many Bluetooth headsets can be connected?

Happy customers - smooth workflows

Clear communication and speach clarity


VoiceBridge Bluetooth  NEW


The VoiceBridge is suitable for many applications. It is ideal wherever hygiene protection is important or ambient noise makes communication even more difficult: Medical practices, hospitals, nursing homes, hotel lobbies, counters, service and information desks.


Hygiene walls: ambient noise and mouth protection make our communication difficult. In the long term, the VoiceBridge is ideal for any protective installation in highly frequented personal areas (POS). The fully automatic intercom system reduces frustration and annoyance in already stressful situations - for staff and customers.


The VoiceBridge with Bluetooth function is ideal for situations where you have to leave your workplace - for example, to go to the warehouse - but still want to stay in contact with the customer.


Simply get started

Simply attach the VoiceBridge units using the provided adhesive tape.

Connect the units using the provided cables and plug in the power supply.

The VoiceBridge automatically calibrates itself for about 30 seconds.



Download our brochure and more material.

Get the VoiceBridge

In case you need help choosing the right VoiceBridge Set, just try our assistant and get instant feedback.


VoiceBridge  NEW

Standard 2nd generation

The complete set „Standard“ is particularly useful for workplaces where the staff is standing or sitting permanently in one place and does not move away from the microphone unit.




The mobile version: Thanks to Bluetooth, employees can move within a radius of 5-10 meters from the call station without losing contact with the customer.



Standard & Bluetooth

Always on the safe side: If the Bluetooth headset is temporarily switched off, the VoiceBridge station attached to the protective wall automatically takes over.

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The VoiceBridge is the innovative intercom system for easy retrofitting in pharmacies, retail stores, advice centres, information desks and many other areas of application. Thanks to the latest technology, echoes are minimized and background noise is filtered out. With the new VoiceBridge Bluetooth sets, staff can easily move 5-10 meters around the sales counter and always stay in contact with the customer.

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