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VoiceBridge  NEW

Standard 2nd generation

The complete set „Standard“ is particularly useful for workplaces where the staff is standing or sitting permanently in one place and does not move away from the microphone unit.




The mobile version: Thanks to Bluetooth, employees can move within a radius of 5-10 meters from the call station without losing contact with the customer.



Standard & Bluetooth

Always on the safe side: If the Bluetooth headset is temporarily switched off, the VoiceBridge station attached to the protective wall automatically takes over.

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The VoiceBridge is the innovative intercom system for easy retrofitting in pharmacies, retail stores, advice centres, information desks and many other areas of application. Thanks to the latest technology, echoes are minimized and background noise is filtered out. With the new VoiceBridge Bluetooth sets, staff can easily move 5-10 meters around the sales counter and always stay in contact with the customer.

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