Clear and secure communication despite protective measures:


The VoiceBridge is the fully automatic intercom system for easy retrofitting.

The VoiceBridge helps companies keep communication at cash registers and information desks clear and understandable even with protective measures, safety distance, hygienic walls and protective masks. Retailers stand out from the competition in terms of advice, service and security.

Happy customers, happy staff, smooth workflows

Clear and secure communication despite protective measures:

VoiceBridge Bluetooth  NEW

Maximum freedom

With a battery capacity of approx. 11 hours in continuous operation and a range of movement of 30 feet, you can stay in contact with your customers without interruption and provide them with optimal service.


The installation and start-up is very easy. The VoiceBridge consists of 2 microphone units, which can be easily attached to any acrylic or plexiglass wall with the double-sided adhesive tape.


The VoiceBridge is a reliable solution for visitor boxes or visitor tents in nursing and retirement homes. Provide your residents, relatives and staff with protection and sufficiently clear communication in times of crisis.


Especially where patients, staff and elderly people need to be protected, the VoiceBridge is an essential support: For clear speech intelligibility, it is no longer necessary to speak louder, bend over or bypass the hygiene protection wall.


The VoiceBridge Bluetooth Sets was developed for situations when staff needs to move around the workplace. Thanks to the Bluetooth headset speech clarity and communication is possible.

Better speech clarity with protective walls, a lot of technology inside the VoiceBridge

Digital and contactless intercom solution for easy retrofitting

Consultation and communication made easy: The VoiceBridge is a new, hygienic, safe and flexible solution especially for acrylic glass walls and cabins in pharmacies, medical practices, stores and supermarkets as well as for visitor booths in nursing homes. In order to make communication as easy to understand as possible in any environment despite protective masks, safety distance and protective walls, we have equipped the VoiceBridge with the latest technology.



Reduced risk of infection through droplet infection. Neither physical approach nor louder speaking is necessary.



The new communication situation is no longer exhausting, less frustration on both sides.


Speech clarity

Enables consultation and communication under protective measures.



The fully automatic intercom system for easy retrofitting - not only in times of SARS-CoV-2.



Employees and customers communicate effortlessly, clearly and securely - even with mouth protection and in the case of strong background noise thanks to integrated AEC and NR technology.



No complex installation, integration into other systems and networks necessary. Attach, plug in, speak!



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Technology driven solution

Already used a thousand times since the outbreak of the pandemic

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VoiceBridge NEW

Standard 2nd Generation

The complete set „Standard“ is particularly useful for workplaces where the staff is standing or sitting permanently in one place and does not move away from the microphone unit.




The mobile version: Thanks to Bluetooth, employees can move within a radius of 5-10 meters from the call station without losing contact with the customer.



Standard & Bluetooth

Always on the safe side: If the Bluetooth headset is temporarily switched off, the VoiceBridge station attached to the protective wall automatically takes over.

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